There is an excellent chance that you are not going to like this site. You read that this site will mostly be about Ethics, and Ethics, as a subject, is so out of style, so un-postmodern. "Perhaps he will at least have the decency to provide a rebuttal to the oppression that is moral judgment, and affirm the culturally relative nature of such things". No, I will unapologetically speak in support of an affirmation of the objective nature of morality, without the faintest hint of any concern whatsoever about the feelings of those offended by this.

"Ah, good, somebody willing to support a return to the Christian values that made America great" ... except that I'm not a Christian. I'm a Jew, one who feels no need to pay lip service to the teachings of the gospels, and won't be shy about voicing his disagreement with some of the conclusions derived from them, more than a few of which I find run contrary to basic common sense.

Site currently under construction. The links for the Ravine are to be found on Diigo, Typepad and Delicious. Updates will be mentioned on my Twitter profile. If you'd like to be notified of updates, automatically, this page should help.

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