Disqus only gives us one outbound link, so I guess I'd better make this one count. My account on Disqus is associated with a blog called "The Ravine", which started as a "bloglike group of one" at this location on Diigo, before having its content mirrored on a new blog at this location on Blog.com. The homepage for the main blog can be found here.

Now that you know where my homepage really is, and we've circumvented the limitations of my provider's format, let's get you subscribed to this page.

I suppose that you could subscribe to the Mybloglog community for my Disqus profile and hope for the best. With the possibility of the closing of Mybloglog having been acknowledged by Yahoo at the time of this writing (7:03 am, January 5, 2010), the need for a backup has presented itself. I've decided to use Google's Feedburner system, which offers the option of subscribing to a blog feed by e-mail.

When you're done, you can either go back to the "Updates and Introductions" page and continue your reading, go to the main page for this site or return to my profile or your ring, depending on where you were and where you want to be.

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